Aerocamaras receives suport from the Xunta de Galicia to boost its international business

Tuesday, December 20, 2022 - 14:00

The Xunta de Galicia will support the company Aerocámaras to progress in its national and international growth plan, with a committed investment up to a maximum of 850,000 euros. It will be through Sodiga Galicia, an entity managed by XesGalicia and within the actions of the Strategic Plan of the Aerospace Pole of Galicia. This investment joins the aid offered to Aerocámaras by Nexxus Iberia (through its fund Nexxus Iberia Private Equity Fund I).

Founded in 2007 in Lalín (Pontevedra), Aerocámaras is a reference company in the drone sector in Spain, as well as a pioneer in development, training, sales, aeronautical management and professional services with UAVs.

It is also the first training academy in Europe with more than 35,000 certified students, 40 official centers throughout the Iberian Peninsula, agreements with the best universities in Spain and instructors with more than 25,000 flight hours. The company offers official professional drone pilot training and specialty courses focused on applications in different sectors (emergency services, agriculture, wind turbines, infrastructure, security, audiovisual production and logistics, among others).

The Galician company also offers a growing portfolio of industrial services, aeronautical management services, R&D in drone development and specialized software development, among others. One of Aerocámaras' points of differentiation is the AeroHyb hybrid drone, an unmanned aircraft with up to seven hours of autonomy designed for professional work such as technical inspections, emergencies, security, topography, precision agriculture or audiovisual.

Within its range of services with drones, its commitment to maritime logistics through the companies "Drones Maritime" (joint venture with Peninsula Petroleum), oriented to maritime logistics for merchant ships, and "Drone to Yacht", oriented to maritime logistics for pleasure boats, stands out.

The company, which is already present in Spain and Portugal, began its international expansion process through the acquisition of other companies in the sector in the USA and Latin America. It currently works in different countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America, and has clients such as Repsol, Abertis, Acciona, Bayer and Gamesa. In addition, it participated in the second edition of the Business Factory Aero (BFAero) entrepreneurship program, developing a new system that allows using the possibilities offered by drones in the fight against the Asian wasp.

With this operation the Xunta continues to show its commitment to the aerospace sector, as evidenced in the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 of the Aerospace Pole, a strategy recently reinforced with the incorporation of companies such as Airbus, Babcock or Telespazio, as new strategic and technological partners. With this award, more than 60% (333.6M€) of the public-private investment foreseen in the Strategic Plan is already being mobilized.


About XesGalicia

XesGalicia is the venture capital investment agency of the Xunta de Galicia, offering financial support in the form of equity or loans. XesGalicia invests through 4 specialized vehicles, which have a capital of more than 200 million euros.

For 50 years, the investments of Sodiga Galicia (an entity managed by XesGalicia) have been aimed at companies with high growth potential, managed by entrepreneurs of recognized professional solvency and related to the development and consolidation of the Galician economy and industry.