Xunta de Galicia highlights the labor of Inprosec as a Galician referent in the field of the cybersecurity

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 - 13:00

The director of XesGalicia, Rubén Aguión, took part today in Vigo in the act of celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Group Inprosec, where he highlighted its effort and work during all these years until becoming a reference of cybersecurity to autonomic and national level.

“Today we are here to put in value a project that, in as soon as ten years, has been able to joint digitalization, internationalization and management of risks”, underlined Aguión, highlighting that these are some of the main keys of the Industry 4.0.

A continuous growth in the group explained by the support of the Galician Government through programs like ReAcciona, propelled by Galician Institute of Economic Promotion (Igape), to favour his digitalization. Likewise, during these years to entrepreneurial initiative has propelled commercial missions in Mexico.

In this mark, Aguión highlighted also the contribution to the the competitive improvement that suppose initiatives as the Business Factory Auto (BFAuto), which allowed the InproTech give its first steps in ciberseguridade industrial.

The collaboration between it and the group has allowed also its accession to the Nodo of Ciberseguridade that coordinates the Amtega. An initiative that looks for, through the public coordination-personal, do regarding the attacks cibernéticos and take advantage of the advantages that presents the new digital era.

In this felt, the director of XesGalicia highlighted the opportunity that can suppose the European funds Next Generation to propel an entrepreneurial ecosystem more innovative and competitive, able to give answer to the new needs caused by the pandemia.

Xunta de Galicia