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Our website uses its own and third-party cookies. A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain web pages, among other purposes, to ensure the correct functioning of the page, to allow the User faster access to the selected services, to store and retrieve information about browsing habits. navigation of a user or their equipment and even, depending on the information they contain and the way they use their equipment, they can be used to recognize the user. Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and their computer or device and do not provide references that allow us to know their personal data, unless expressly authorized by the user.

The user can, at any time, accept or reject installed cookies that are not strictly necessary for the correct functioning of the website, through the Configuration Panel provided on our website that appears to the user as soon as they enter. Likewise, you can configure your browser at any time without affecting the User's ability to access the content.

Types of cookies:

- According to the entity that manages them:

Own cookies: are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain managed by the editor itself and from which the service requested by the user is provided.

Third-party cookies: are those that are sent to the User's terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies.

- Depending on the time the cookie remains active on the computer:

Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that remain in your browser's cookie file until you leave the website or app, so none are recorded on the user's device. The information obtained through these cookies is used to analyze the traffic patterns of the website or app. Ultimately, this allows us to provide a better experience to improve content and ease of use.

Permanent cookies: they are stored on the device and are identified again each time the user makes a new visit. A permanent cookie can be accessed and processed for a period defined by the person responsible for the cookie, after that date it will stop working.

Xesgalicia uses the following cookies:

Technical cookies: are those that, processed by us or by third parties, allow the user to navigate through a website or app and use the different options or services that exist therein.

This website uses technical cookies that allow us to control traffic and data communication, identify the session, control fraud linked to the security of the service, use security elements during navigation.

Analysis cookies: these are cookies that allow you to track and statistically analyze the behavior of the users to whom they are linked, to understand the use of the services offered. To do this, your navigation on our website is analyzed in order to improve the offer of products or services that we offer you.

This website uses third-party analytical cookies, owned by the provider Google, LLC, an entity about which we provide you with more information in the "Information on data transfers" section of this Policy.

Advertising cookies: these are our own or third-party cookies that allow us to analyze your browsing habits and develop a specific profile to show you advertising related to your browsing profile.

This website uses third-party behavioral advertising cookies, owned by the provider Google, LLC, an entity about which we provide you with more information in the "Information on data transfers" section of this Policy.



 The cookies used on this website will be kept on your device for the time necessary for the purpose for which they were installed, and for a maximum of two (2) years, unless you decide to delete them through the options. configuration of your browser, as we indicate in the corresponding section of this Policy.



The personal data obtained through cookies owned by Google, L.L.C., an entity established in the USA, adhered to the Data Privacy Framework Adequacy Decision, which enables the flow of personal data of European citizens, will be subject to international transfer. to the United States, and which has been in force since July 10, 2023. Likewise, we have signed the corresponding Data Processing Agreement, which can be consulted at the following link: answer/7207086?hl=en

We guarantee that the necessary guarantees will be adopted to protect its confidentiality, integrity and availability.



The information obtained through XesGalicia obtained through Cookies will be incorporated into XesGalicia's treatments with the purposes and deadlines indicated in this Policy.

If you accept third-party Cookies, you must delete them from the browser options or from the system offered by the third party itself.

The legal basis that legitimizes this treatment is the consent expressly given by the user, through the acceptance of cookies in the initial Configuration Panel where all the relevant information is included, and having also been informed of the possible risks.

As already indicated in the previous section, due to the use of Web Analytics services, international data transfers may be made to the providers that provide these services.



You can review your cookie settings through the Configuration Panel enabled for this purpose.

Likewise, the user is warned that deleting their digital fingerprint must be done through the support of the different browsers:

Microsoft Edge: You can consult Microsoft Support or Browser Help.

Firefox: You can consult Mozilla support or Browser Help.

Chrome: You can consult Google support or Browser Help.

Safari: You can consult Apple Support or Browser Help.

Android: in Menu > Settings > Security and Privacy > Accept cookies to activate or deactivate the box. For more information you can consult Google support



The variation of cookies that appear on this website may not be related to its management and maintenance, which is why periodic reviews are carried out to adapt the cookie policy.

The owner does not assume any responsibility for legal or technical problems caused by the User's failure to comply with the included recommendations and is not responsible for the content and veracity of the privacy policies of third parties.

This Cookies Policy may be modified based on legislative or regulatory requirements or with the purpose of adapting said policy to the instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, therefore Users are advised to visit it periodically.



 For more information about the processing of your personal data, as well as to exercise your rights, visit our Privacy Policy or contact us by email