XesGalicia, Venture Capital Management Firm

XesGalicia is a regional public company owned by the Xunta de Galicia, attached to the Consellería de Economía, Empresa e Innovación, aimed at supporting the growth of the Galician business environment, promoting the economic and industrial development and consolidation of Galicia, as well as boosting entrepreneurship and innovation. To do so, for two decades, XesGalicia has been managing different venture capital entities according to each type of company or project.

The elements that differentiate us are our public nature, the expertise of our team, the strong focus of our investment policies and the institutional strength of the investors in the venture capital entities we manage.

With these pillars, and considering the period 2020 - 2022, we have approved new transactions in benefit of more than 50 projects and for an aggregate volume of more than 35 million euros, thus supporting the productive activity of Galician companies. It is also important to point out that for several years we have actively participated in several financing programs for entrepreneurship, both vertical and horizontal, which have obtained numerous national and international recognitions.

The financing of new business initiatives of recent creation is once again one of our main goals in the short term, for which we are extending our collaboration in new programs to promote entrepreneurship. In addition, we continue to provide Galician companies, or those willing to develop an economic activity in Galicia, with funds especially aimed at supporting the modernization of the productive framework through its digital transformation, innovation or internationalization, a collaboration aimed at both large business corporations and SMEs.

Likewise, with respect to the different types of operations that we can deal with, we have products specially designed to reinforce the equity of companies, to facilitate the increase of business size through mergers and acquisitions or to facilitate business succession through various formulas, especially necessary in the case of family businesses. In coherence with the above and within the framework of the objectives of reactivating the productive structure and business transformation and growth after the Covid-19 crisis, XesGalicia has a specific line of financing called "Transformation Line", endowed with 30 million euros.

All this is possible thanks to the main strength of XesGalicia, which is none other than its team. We have top-level professionals who bring together extensive experience and knowledge in the field of business support, and who also have a transversal vision in multiple economic sectors, thus completing the support we offer companies in terms of financing.

With the collaboration of our partners, XesGalicia will continue to work along the same lines so that the Galician business environment will be more dynamic and competitive.


Raquel Rodríguez Espiño

General director of XesGalicia 

XesGalicia, Venture Capital Management Firm

XesGalicia is a Galician Venture Capital Management firm. It finances company development through the temporary acquisition of minority shares of the capital of unquoted companies.

In addition, it may make ordinary or mezzanine loans to the companies in which it invests through differents venture capital funds and the assets of a venture capital company.

Requirements: The only common requirement in the investment study is that they are non-financial companies whose stock porfolio is not listed on the first stock market of the Stock Exchange, although there are additional requirements for each managed entity associated with their particular investment strategy.

Presenta tu proyecto

Ponte en contacto con nuestro equipo y preséntanos tu proyecto, enviando un correo electrónico a la dirección inversiones@xesgalicia.org, describiendo brevemente tu proyecto e incluyendo la información que consideres (en formato .pdf, y con un tamaño máximo de 5 megas).

Especifica tu sector de actividad, la sede social de tu empresa, en qué fase se encuentra tú empresa (seed, early stage, expansión…) y cuales son los ejes principales de tu plan de negocio.

Información básica Protección de Datos

Xesgalicia tratará sus datos personales con la finalidad de atender las solicitudes presentadas en el formulario sobre su propuesta de inversión. Puede ejercer los derechos establecidos en los artículos 15 a 22 del Reglamento (UE) 2016/679 en las direcciones que encontrará en la información adicional. Más información en nuestra Política de Privacidad.

50th Anniversary

Sodiga Galicia celebrates 50 years of history

Now the capital of Sodiga Galicia is owned by Xunta de Galicia at 76%.

In this sense, Sodiga Galicia is part of the set of instruments available in Galicia to support business initiatives, such Instituto Galego de Promocion Economica, the Axencia Galega de Innovación or XesGalicia (the entity that has been managing the assets of Sodiga Galicia since 1999).

In this section, and due to the 50th anniversary, Sodiga Galicia's economic reports of the 20th century, from its constitution until the creation of Xesgalicia in 1999, are available to everyone.